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Privacy statement - Blow in the school! Geir Aage Sveen AS (hereafter called Blås i skolen)

The personal information is not collected for purposes other than Blås in the school's own operations, and is not shared with third parties without special consent (see section 7 - on third parties). 'Blind copy' is standard for mass e-mails from Blås i school, so that those who receive the message do not see other recipients in the address field.

Blås i schol depends on knowing the primary school affiliation/class because the Education Act provides for cooperation with the primary school. Missing - or incorrect - information about school affiliation will result in a poorer course offer, in addition to making it more difficult to reach the student with urgent messages.

Blås i school does not collect sensitive information, but sometimes applicants provide such information unsolicited. Such information is provided when the applicants consider this to be important information that may be of importance to the processing. This can be information about various disabilities, e.g. Sensitive information that is not considered relevant is deleted immediately. Relevant information is stored in text fields that are only visible to employees with admin rights. The teacher is informed if this is necessary.

4. PHOTO, etc.
A pupil's place in Blås in the school often entails, in addition to teaching, public performances/exhibitions. In these contexts, one must expect to be photographed, or that video or audio recordings are made. This can be carried out by the press, employees of Blås in the school or by other parents. Large parts of Blås in the school's activities are therefore incompatible with a photo ban. Talk to the cultural school if this is difficult.
If it should be relevant - e.g. in profiling work - using images, e.g. of individual student(s), Blås in the school naturally asks for written consent to this in advance.

Blås i skolen is obliged in cooperation with the association and the school to provide a training offer, but there is no individual right. Therefore, it is voluntary whether you want to use the offer or not, and it is therefore also voluntary to give up the information that Blås i school requests. Failure to provide this information means that an application for a course place cannot be processed.
According to the data protection legislation (GDPR), you have the right to withdraw any consent, but the consequence may be that an application cannot be processed, or that the service cannot continue.

It is possible to delete registrations. On request, personal data can be anonymised, i.e. it is not possible to link information to a person based on e.g. registrations in timetables.

Blås i schole will hand over personal data to the client (association/school) without having obtained permission for this.

One can expect to have to provide the name, discipline (instrument, etc.), and the guardian's name and contact details to the association and school where additional such information should be, will probably depend on the nature and duration of the project. In many such cases, one is asked - or it may be wise not to be asked - to provide information that is considered sensitive. Food allergy is a typical example of this.
When participating in joint projects (together with a third party), name, discipline, and often also age can often be used. An example of this is a collaborative concert or performance, and this information is often used in a concert programme. See also point 4.

According to the privacy legislation, you have the right to access the information that has been registered, and you have the right to be able to take this 'with you' (data portability). In Blås i schole, applicants only register their own personal data, so this need should not be present. But you also have the right to check that the information is correct at all times. You have the opportunity to (and are encouraged to) check/change this through your own login to Spondadmin. Blås i school updates the information itself if errors are detected.

Through its own training and routines, Blås i school must ensure that the information is secure. Data security is safeguarded through agreements that the association has with Styreportalen AS and Spond AS.

You can read more about privacy and GDPR on the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's website:

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