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About us!

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Geir Aage Sveen

Blås i Skolen has been developed by conductor and music educator Geir Aage Sveen and has had a continuous development since 1991. Countless courses and the initiation of recruits have created many recruits for corps and choirs.


He also holds courses and seminars for adult beginners and experienced adults. Geir Aage studied trombone with Arild Jensen (Oslo Philharmonic). He has worked as a conductor since 1991 and is today a full-time conductor for a choir, as well as a music teacher in his own music school.


Alongside that, he produces music tours at home and abroad.


If you want to contact Geir Aage, you can do so here on the contact form or phone 98022000.

Nora Merete Hvaal Sveen

Blås i Skolen must be organised. Contact must be maintained between the band, school and parents, GDPR must be followed up, etc. Then it is good to have a clarinetist with a bachelor's degree in economics like Nora who can press many buttons at the same time...


The easiest way to contact Nora is via the contact form or telephone 98022000.

Are Lægreid Olsen

Are Lægreid Olsen is a very experienced music educator and lecturer, plays most instruments and is well liked. Dedicated and well prepared is probably Are in short version. 

If you want to contact Are, you can do so here on the contact form or phone 98022000.

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