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What is "Blås i skolen"?

Blås i Skolen is a short introductory course to instruments and interaction in the SFO/AKS era. The offer is FREE for students.

In Blås i Skolen we mainly use 3 types of instruments at the same time. Cornet, alto horn and baritone which all have 3 valves. This will not impair the possibilities of choosing other instruments later if you wish to play in the band as an ordinary member. 

If you play wind at school through us, you get to borrow an instrument to take home with you. We are happy to collaborate with the school corps that lends this out. Within a few weeks you will be "right on the music" imitating the leader of the course. Through listening, the child learns to play some songs which they will present at a concert at the end of the course. 

For the school, this will be a great way to achieve the competence targets for 2nd stage music from the Norwegian Directorate of Education:

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